The Heart of the Matter

I had an echocardiogram recently. It was much like the more-familiar ultrasound procedure often done during pregnancy. The technician took the wand and placed it over my heart, looking at the chambers and valves, measuring how fast the blood flowed and which direction it moved. I was able to watch for part of the time and it was oddly fascinating. There on the screen was my heart, even as it was beating inside my chest. It was a part of myself I never really expected to see.

God, see what is in my heart. Know what is there. Put me to the test. Know what I’m thinking. See if there’s anything in my life You don’t like. Help me live in the way that is always right. (Psalm 139:23-24, NIrV)


You see me, inside and out, all the time. You know everything about my physical heart and the “heart” that holds joys and sorrows, desires, motivations, and fears. You understand what is happening and why, and how it will all affect everything and everyone else–things I just can’t know in the same way.

Please help me to listen to You, when You tell me what to do. Help me know how to think and say and do the things that You want for me, and to be able to remember that those really are the best for me. It’s hard sometimes to not understand, God. Please help me to trust that You understand and You know where we are going, even when I can’t see.


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